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Resort Software
About Resort Software

Resort Software is a privately owned company based in Brisbane, Australia.  The company was founded in 1989 and was called Keycraft in those days.  Since then we've concentrated solely on the development and sale of food costing software for professional chefs.

We released our first product (Chef Master) in 1989 and followed that up with out first Microsoft Windows program, Resort Kitchen a few years later.  Since then, we've released a number of different programs culminating in our current product range.

Each new generation of Resort products builds on earlier programs and our developing experience in producing quality software for foodservice professionals.

We have literally thousands of customers in over 200 countries around the world. They range from individual chefs to small bistro/cafeteria operators, bars, restaurants, international hotel/casino complexes, industrial caterers, food manufacturers, educational institutions, hospitals. We have a product to suit anyone with an interest in food and beverage

Our goal is to create the most powerful,  easy to use recipe cost control software possible using the very best available programming technology.  With this in mind, we're continually upgrading our products to take advantage of new programming tools and customer suggestions.

We thrive on feedback, so if you're an existing customer or just browsing this site, please let us know your thoughts with a short email message.


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