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Product Comparison
This page details the major differences between our recipe management products and suggests which product may be most applicable for your requirements. The bottom half of the page shows tables listing the various program features and which products have those features, followed by a decision flow chart to help you decide which is the right Resort product for your needs.
A printable version of the Resort Chef product information is available at Adobe Acrobat (PDF).
A printable version of the Resort Bistro product information is available at Adobe Acrobat (PDF).
A printable version of the Resort Restaurant product information is available at Adobe Acrobat (PDF).
A printable version of the Resort Hotel product information is available at Adobe Acrobat (PDF).
A printable version of the Resort Executive product information is available at Adobe Acrobat (PDF).
Full product pricing is available here.
How do Resort products differ?
Many of the features in our products are common to all programs. Features like database compatibility, no database limits, etc. are common to each program and are all listed in the tables below. This section deals with the major differences between the programs.
Starting at the beginning we have Resort Chef. This program performs basic recipe costing calculations and can also generate market lists for menus. Resort Chef also has a unique HTML user interface which means that all information is displayed on screen in web pages and this makes the program very simple to use. Resort Chef does NOT perform any stocktaking functions.
Resort Bistro is the next step up from Resort Chef. The program performs more advanced recipe costing calculations than Resort Chef and also performs Menu Engineering calculations. These menu engineering calculations let you analyze the various products on your menus to see which are the hot performers and which products are not so profitable.

Like Resort Chef, Resort Bistro also generates market lists for menus. The program also features a more powerful reporting system than Resort Chef, giving a much larger range of reports. Resort Bistro also includes a spell checker, which is not found in Resort Chef. Resort Bistro does NOT perform any stocktaking functions.
Resort Restaurant takes Resort Bistro's entire feature list and adds function/banquet costing and stocktake/stock purchase functions. The function costing lets you cost a function/banquet and get total and per cover costs, prices, food cost percentages, etc. The program's stock management functions let you count stock for any number of stores. The program will generate stock totals reports along with cost of goods sold type reports to show the overall financial performance of your operation.
Resort Hotel takes all of Resort Restaurant's features and adds the ability to cost recipes for multiple outlets. This let you cost a recipe once and get different sales/profitability figures for selling the same product in different sales outlets. i.e. Cost a Club Sandwich once and sell it for different prices in your restaurant and room service and get different food cost percentages etc for the same product.
Resort Executive takes all of Resort Hotel's features and adds the ability to cost recipes for multiple geographical locations (sites) and to also calculate labour costs on all aspects of the food production process (ingredient preparation and recipe production).

The program's multi-site feature lets you maintain separate ingredient purchase costs for each individual site. The program will then calculate the different recipe costs for each site.
Students and apprentice chefs looking for a very simple and inexpensive recipe management program that will perform all of the standard food costing calculations (food cost percentage, gross profit, etc.), will find Resort Chef is ideal for their purposes.

If you need menu engineering functions as well as standard recipe costing, or you expect to be upgrading to higher-end Resort Software products in the future, you should consider starting with Resort Bistro. "Why?", we hear you ask. Because Resort Bistro implements a similar user-interface to that of our 'higher-end' products; Resort Restaurant, Resort Hotel and Resort Executive. This user interface lends itself to more productive data entry than the Resort Chef user-interface and all future Resort Software products will be based on the 'look and feel' of Resort Bistro.
Restaurant Chefs and Managers
Resort Restaurant is the right choice for you. The program's recipe costing, menu engineering, function/banquet costing and stock management functions, make it perfect for restaurant chefs and managers. Combine Resort Restaurant with a good general accounting program and you have all the management software that you need for your restaurant.
Hotel Chefs and F&B Managers/Analysts
Resort Hotel's recipe costing, menu engineering and function/banquet costing for multiple sales outlets, and the program's powerful stock management functions make it perfect for Executive Chefs and Food & Beverage Managers. The program's sales analysis tools and comprehensive reporting give you everything you need for any sized hotel. NOTE: If you think you might need labour costing, then Resort Executive will best suit your needs.
Foodservice/Management Consultants
Many foodservice consultants use Resort Hotel or Resort Executive to help manage their client's foodservice operations. Create a separate database for each client (importing/exporting common or shared ingredients and recipes between them). You can use the program's analysis tools like menu engineering, function/banquet costing, stock management, labour costing (Resort Executive only) and comprehensive reporting facilities to not only impress your clients, but to get the best possible financial results for their businesses.
Industrial Caterers
Many industrial caterers have been using our products since the late eighties. Our focus on recipe cost control and ease-of-use makes Resort products ideal for both head-office use and on-site food costing. The majority of our industrial catering clients use Resort Restaurant on site (for food costing and stock management) and Resort Executive back in head office to aggregate the food data and for labour costing.
Food manufacturers can take advantage of Resort Executive's powerful labour costing features as well as the program's food costing features. This lets the manufacturer know the exact production cost for a food item. Manufacturers not interested in labour costing, can of course rely on either Resort Hotel or Resort Restaurant to just handle the food costing for them. Resort product's comprehensive note storage also lets you store any HACCP or quality control information with each ingredient and/or recipe.
Educational Institutions
We have literally hundreds of educational institutions around the world using our products for teaching and the day to day running of on-campus restaurants. Most of these institutions use either Resort Chef or Resort Bistro (simplified food costing) for teaching trainee chefs and cooks, and use Resort Restaurant (food costing and stock control) for teaching degree level students. Resort Hotel is mostly used for the day to day running of on-campus training restaurants/hotels.
Feature Comparison Table
 Recipe storage/retrieval.
 Recipe costing.
 Cost recipes for multiple sales outlets.
 Cost recipes for multiple geographical sites.
 Comprehensive labour costing calculations.
 Unlimited sub-recipe depth.
 Search/insert recipe building.
 Floating Rollup windows.
 Dockable Rollup windows.
 Unlimited ingredient and recipes in a database.
 Stores pictures for ingredients.
 Stores pictures for recipes.
 Recipe scaling.
 Generate market lists from menus.
 Menu engineering calculations.
 Menu engineering graphs.
 Function/banquet/event costing.
 Generate market lists for functions/banquets/events.
 Stocktake facilities.
 Stock count for multiple stores.
 Supplier details.
 Track supplier purchases (Invoices).
 Crystal Reports report engine.
 Export reports to PDF files.
 Export reports to XLS files.
 Export reports to DOC files.
 Email reports from within program.
 Number of reports available:
 Import ingredient prices from ASCII text files.
 Import ingredient prices MS Excel (.XLS) files.
 Import recipes from RXF files.
 Import recipes from Meal Master.
 Import recipes from MasterCook MX2 files.
 Import from other Resort Software databases.
 Export recipes to RXF files.
 Export recipes to other Resort Software databases.
 Export ingredient details to ASCII text files.
 Generate HTML web site from recipes.
 Database compatibility with all Resort Software recipe management products.
 Unlimited ingredient/recipe databases.
 Multi-user support standard.
 Spell check - 100000 word standard English dictionary + over 14000 specialist culinary terms and brand names.
 Database snapshot facility. Copy and compress your database to make a quick duplicate database.
 Email recipes directly from within program (Email Wizard).
 Global search/replace (Replacement Wizard).
 Text case conversion (Case Wizard).
 Unit Conversion Wizard.
Decision Flowchart
The following flowchart will help you to decide which Resort product best suits your needs.
Flow chart
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