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Resort Software
Resort Software offers an online training facility using our Remote Assist technical support software.

Online training is more economical than on-site training as there is no need for either party to travel. Also, online training is more flexible as it can be arranged on very short notice. Do you have an hour to spare? Give us a call and we can usually set up a training session with a few minutes notice.

When providing onsite training it's usual to have full or half-day sessions to make the most travel requirements. These full or half-day training sessions can present users with a bit too much information to digest at once. Online training is delivered up an hour at a time and is much easier for users to take in. Later on 'top-up' sessions can be arranged to help users with areas they feel they need help with.

We use our Remote Assist utility program to provide this training. It lets us take over a customer's computer from our office (strickly at their invitation, of course!) and talk them through a program's operation. Voice communication is usually managed via telephone or Skype. As long as you have a reasonably fast internet connection, we can connect to your computer anywhere in the world to help with training and technical support.

Pricing for online training can be found here.
Feel free to contact us at sales@resortsoftware.com to discuss your training requirements.
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