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Resort Software
Licensing Policy

This page details Resort Software's product licensing policy.  The following is for your convenience only and in no way overrides or supersedes the licence agreement that you must agree to before installing any Resort Software product.

Purchasing and obtaining a licence key to any Resort Software product buys you a single-user licence for the current version of that product at the time of purchase, to use in perpetuity subject to the following terms. 



A single-user licence entitles one person to use the software at any one time.


A single-user licence does NOT permit you to run multiple copies of any Resort Software product on a network or to give copies to your friends and colleagues.


This licence policy in no way affects data files that you may create with any Resort Software product(s).


Resort Software reserves the right to withdraw any customer's product licence if given reason to believe that that customer has violated any of the licensing terms as agreed to by the customer when originally installing the software.

In plain English, software licences are like books.  Only one person can use a software licence at any one time just as only one person can read a book at any one time.  You should purchase separate licences for every person who you wish to run a Resort Software product.  If any individuals wish to 'share' a Resort Software product, then they must have that product installed and licensed on a single computer and share that computer as well.

Please email us if you have any questions about any of these policies.

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The information on this page is as accurate as we can make it and is subject to change without notice. None of the information on this page constitutes a contractual undertaking on the part of Resort Software.

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