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Resort Software
Support Policy

This page details Resort Software's support policy as it pertains to all Resort Software customers.

Resort Software currently provides free technical support to all licensed/registered customers.  We also provide support to users trialing our products.

Before contacting Resort Software for support

Computer software can be mind numbingly complex and locating problems with any software application can be very difficult indeed, so before contacting Resort Software for product support please make sure the following information is readily available.



We currently have several different software products, so please let us know which of our programs you're having trouble with.  We'll also need to know the exact version and build number of that program (Select About Resort... from the Help menu to see the version/build numbers).


The version of Windows that you're running can have a profound effect on how software runs, so please let us know which version of Windows you have running. NOTE: You can email us information about your system by clicking the System Information... button in the program's About Resort... dialog box (select the About Resort... option from the program's Help menu ).


If any Resort Software product displays an error message, please note the text of the message before contacting us for help.  We're not psychic (yet!) so, telling us that you got an error message but can't remember what it said will help nobody and just drag out the process. We'll also need to know exactly where you were in the program and what you were trying to achieve at the time, so the more information you can provide, the faster we can be of assistance.


If the problem is new, and that particular function had been working okay previously, please let us know if any other programs have been installed or upgraded on your computer immediately before the problem occurred with the Resort product.

Please email us if you have any questions about any of these policies.

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The information on this page is as accurate as we can make it and is subject to change without notice. None of the information on this page constitutes a contractual undertaking on the part of Resort Software.

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