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Resort Bistro Product Details
Resort Bistro
Resort Bistro is designed for working chefs and students who need more powerful recipe costing than Resort Chef provides, but don't need all of the extra features of Resort Restaurant.

Resort Bistro uses a more advanced user interface, but we've kept the feature list down to the bare necessities required by the working chef.
The program provides full recipe costing and menu engineering calculations, but excludes the stock management or function/banquet costing facilities provided by Resort Restaurant and Resort Hotel.

Resort Bistro’s graphical menu engineering feature has also proven to be popular with educational institutions teaching trainee chefs the rudiments of recipe costing and menu engineering.

Resort Bistro will run on Windows 2000, Windows XP (all editions), Windows Vista (all editions) and Windows 7 (all editions), Window 8 & 8.1 Pro, Windows 10 and Windows 11.
A printable version of the information contained in this page is available at Adobe Acrobat (PDF).
We've prepared a product comparison page to help you select the right Resort product for your needs.
Full product pricing is available here.
Download a 30 day trial version of Resort Bistro from here.
 Program Features
This section discusses some of Resort Bistro's major features, we recomend that you download Resort Bistro for a free 30 day trial period and see how easy it is to use for yourself. Resort Bistro's online help and user's manual provide more comprehensive details about the program and are available as separate downloads from here.
Full recipe costing. Calculates production cost, retail price (with and without tax), food cost percentage, factor, markup, gross profit and gross profit percentage for all recipes and menus.
Any changes affecting recipe costs are updated on screen immediately. i.e. Change the retail price (below) to $16 and all profit figures (food cost percentage, etc.) are immediately recalculated and displayed.
Products failing to meet profitability targets are highlighted on screen and exception reports let you see poorly performing products. (The example below fails to meet the target Food Cost Percentage of 25%, hence all the price and profit figures are highlighted in red. You can set your own profit target.
Recipe scaling. Scale recipe quantities by either a scale factor or to produce a particular total recipe quantity.
Drag-'n-drop or search/insert recipe building. Drag ingredients from a browser list into a recipe's ingredient list. Alternatively, search for component ingredients and sub-recipes by name to insert into recipes.
Market lists. Generate market (order) lists for menus. You can even combine any number of menus into a single market list for ordering.
Pictures. Store and prints pictures (32bit color) with recipes and ingredients.
Nested recipes. Embed sub-recipes within recipes to an unlimited depth. i.e. Create a recipe for Beef Stock and use that stock as an ingredient in as many other recipes as you wish. Later on if you decide to use a different Beef Stock recipe, just modify the sub-recipe and all other recipes referencing the Beef Stock recipe are automatically updated! Resort Bistro also displays a graphical representation of your recipe's structure showing component sub-recipes/ingredients and their required quantities.
Menu Engineering. Analyze the sales performance of each of your retail products. View results in tabular or graphical form.
Database compatibility. Resort Bistro is fully database compatible with other Resort Software recipe management products. You can upgrade to or from Resort Bistro without needing to convert any data.
Multi-user. Resort Bistro implements full record locking to permit multi-user operation. Just place your database on a file server (or a shared folder on a peer-to-peer network) and you're up and running.
Spell Checker. Check spelling for all text in your database. The program ships with a standard dictionary of over 100,000 words and to that we've added a suplementary dictionary of over 14,000 specialist culinary terms.
Import Wizard. Imports data into a Resort Bistro database. Import recipes in RXF, Meal Master and MasterCook MX2 format. With the phenomenal growth of the Internet in recent years, there are now thousands (maybe even millions!) of recipes available on the Internet for download. Also import ingredient details from plain ASCII text files or Microsoft Excel Workbook (.xls) files.
Export Wizard. Exports data from a Resort Bistro database in several different file formats. Export Wizard will even export selected recipes to HTML web pages.
Unit Wizard. Handles unit conversions. When Bistro can't determine how to convert between any two units, Unit Wizard is launched automatically to prompt for a conversion factor. These conversion factors are then stored for future reference.
Report Wizard. Makes selecting reports a snap. Select from a huge range of reports (> 450) with most major report types offering a number of selection parameters to let you print exactly what you want.
Replacement Wizard. Handles searching for, and replacing data within a Resort Bistro database. i.e. Replace every occurrence of self-raising flour with plain flour in every recipe.
Case Wizard. Do your staff have trouble working out out how to turn CAPS-LOCK off? Turn that ugly mixed upper and lower case data into something more presentable. Case Wizard will scan your entire recipe database and convert all text into either all upper case, all lower case or proper case.
Email Wizard. Email selected recipes or your entire database (optionally compressed) to your colleagues with a few mouse clicks.
Save/email reports. Save to disk or email all reports to ASCII text, MS-Word, MS-Excel and Lotus 123 files, as well as many other formats.
HTML Export. Generate an entire recipe web site with a few clicks of the mouse. Use either the standard or your own custom HTML templates to get your recipe web looking 'just right'. Publish the recipes to the internet or use them on internal intranets.
Multiple separate databases. Create as many separate recipe databases as you like. No limit! Use the built-in Database Wizard to make creating new Resort Bistro databases a snap.
No data limits. No effective limit to the number of ingredients and recipes in a single database. Up to 2GB of data in a single database.
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