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Remote Assist


Remote Assist is a utility program that aids in technical support queries and training. It is remote control software which allows Resort Software to view and fully interact with any customer's computer desktop via the Internet. This is particularly helpful in showing Resort Software users how to move around the program or to assist Resort Software in helping customers with technical support queries.

How it works:

  1. You contact Resort Software (via phone or Skype) with either a technical question or needing assistance with operating a Resort product.

  2. We determine that everyone would be best served by logging in to your computer using Remote Assist and you will be asked to launch the Remote Assist program and to select a specific channel.

  3. You start the Remote Assist program (select Remote Assist from the Help menu in any Resort Software product.)

  4. You then double click the required channel number in the Remote Assist window to initiate the Remote Assist session (see screenshot below).

    Remote Assist
  5. Remote Assist will then contact the Resort office and establish a session. When connected you'll see the Remote Assist icon appear in the notification area of the Windows task bar. (see below)

    Remote Assist
  6. To terminate a Remote Assist session, right click the Remote Assist icon in your Windows task bar and select Close from the resulting popup menu.


  1. You must initiate a Remote Assist session by inviting Resort Software on to your computer for that session. Resort Software can-not initiate a Remote Assist session on your computer, therefore we can-not 'invite' ourselves in to your computer. (See Technical/Security below)

  2. Please ensure you contact Resort Software BEFORE you initiate a Remote Assist session so we know who is contacting us, otherwise any Remote Assist session requests will be automatically declined/ignored.

  3. To compress the amount of data that must be transferred during a session, Remote Assist will hide any desktop image that your Windows installation have have. You can tell when Resort Software has ended the session because your desktop image will re-appear.

  4. Please be aware that Resort Software will see ALL programs running on your desktop, just as if they were sitting in front of your machine in person.


  1. Remote Assist doesn’t ‘listen’ for incoming connections. Sessions can only ever be launched by the user initiating a session (double click a channel number) and Resort Software specifically accepting that incoming session request.

  2. Remote Assist only 'talks' to specific IP Address/port combinations at the Resort Software office. It can-not be used to contact other computers via the internet.

  3. Remote Assist doesn’t need any router/firewall/NAT changes at the user's end.

  4. Remote Assist is completely removed from memory once shut down. No residual 'listening' programs or services are left in memory.

  5. Remote Assist uses 128 bit encryption for all data sent to the Resort Software office.

  6. Remote Assist can-not be run as a service, and no logon or Ctrl-Alt-Del is supported.

  7. Remote Assist doesn't use any registry settings or passwords. All outbound connection settings are preconfigured to only connect to Resort Software.

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